An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: Your Enemies are Mine

Dear Trump supporter,

As the old saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and I assure you that you have a friend in me. We have the same enemy. It’s the people that spent four years accusing our president of colluding with the Russians when there was nothing to be found. It’s the people who constantly attacked our president and degraded his character when he was just trying to do what was best for this country. It’s the people who called our President reckless for putting America first and bringing our troops home. It’s the people who are now trying to oust our President and insert a quazi-socialist warmonger. These are our enemies.

President Trump has correctly identified these people: They are the liberal elites and they are everywhere. They have taken over our schools, our political institutions, and our military. You cannot go anywhere without their corrupting influence taking over. Our children are taught by them, our states are run by them, and our troops are controlled by them. It seems that America must be an America for the liberal elites and their agenda against proud, hard-working Americans.

But this need not be our future. We can stop the liberal elites and make America great again. This, my friend, is where our alliance can benefit you the most. While this may seem to be an impossible task, the truth is that the liberal elites all get their power from the same place. The livelihoods of every single one of them depend upon the institution of taxation. These people can only continue to exist insofar as they have the ability to wring you and other hard-working Americans of your paychecks. They make you toil away to let them live comfortably and thus sustain their continued attacks on us and our President. But, if we dam up their flow of income, the liberal elites will quickly fade into poverty and obscurity.

Professors in this country are overwhelmingly liberal. But why? Why do academics continue to support liberalism and the Democrats? After all, aren’t professors supposed to be the most educated people in the country? The answer is that their very paychecks rely on the continuation and expansion of taxation, which the Democrats continue to demand. In 2017 the federal and state governments spent a whopping $161 billion on postsecondary education. This is money that lines the pockets of professors and university administration. These academics have a vested interest in keeping these hundreds of billions of dollars flowing from your pockets to theirs. If these tax dollars were to dry up, they would have to get a real job like everyone else would have less time to criticize you, your family, and our President.

The same is true of liberal politicians! They also also rely entirely on your paycheck. Politicians do not produce on the market place like you do. Their salaries come from taxing you. And politicians don’t just use your tax dollars for a meager salary, they get rich! Don’t believe me? Obama has garnered a net worth of $70 million and Clinton $75 million! (And let’s not forget that Trump’s net worth has decreased since he began his Presidential career). But take away their ability to take massive salaries and swing future business deals in their favor and these politicians may not be so thrilled to take a job as an America-hating politician.

And top military officials are no different! We were warned by Eisenhower about the dangers of the military-industrial complex in 1961. Following in his footsteps, President Trump has also fearlessly exposed this unholy alliance between military and industry. As he said, “The top people in the Pentagon … want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.” But President Trump wanted to bring soldiers home, promising to put a stop to the endless wars. These top ranking military and intelligence officials don’t care about you and your interests. They just want to make as much money as they can for them and their military contractor friends. And once again, they do so by spending your tax dollars. There is nothing that the liberal elite will not to do get another buck out of you. Even if it means letting our troops die in useless wars and denouncing our President to do it.

It is no secret that you and I have small differences. But here, in the fight against the liberal elites, you and I can walk hand in hand without hesitation. Let’s work together to remove their source of income and throw them out on the street like the bums that they are! Let’s work together to reduce the burden of taxation which hurts you and supports them. Let’s stop these horrifically inflated expenditures on academics, politicians, and military contractors! Let’s work together to stop the liberal elites.

Your Friend and Libertarian,


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Trump Supporters: Your Enemies are Mine

  1. As a libertarian, I have a lot of differences with Trump supporters. I like free trade and immigration, while they tend to be skeptical of both. I think government spending should be much lower and the budgets should be balanced, and they seem to have little interest in either. I don’t expect Biden to be a good president, but I doubt I’ll be pining for the days of Trump either.

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    • I too will not be pining for a return to the last four years. But our small movement could use some help and coalitional politics is one way to do that. I hope that we can convince Trump supporters that curbing government spending will be a good way for them to reach their goals. I’m not sure how hopeful I should be on that front.


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