I was Right about Alberta and Foreign Aid

A few months ago I wrote at The Buffalo arguing that Albertan equalization payments were no reason to force Alberta to remain a part of Canada. I argued,

[L]et us suppose that Ontarians really are owed equalization payments from Albertans. Is this enough to justify keeping Alberta in the confederacy? Certainly not. Does not Canada send foreign aid all across the world? Canada sends billions to Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, and other countries across the globe. If Canada is obligated to make payments in foreign aid to these other countries, does it then follow that Canada must come under the legal jurisdiction of these countries? Must we have all of Canada under the democratic control of the Italians simply because we owe them aid? Certainly not!

I would like to point to today’s news that Alberta will be donating their surplus equipment to other provinces in order to help the rest of the country in the fight against COVID-19. What I want to point out is that this didn’t come from federal legislation. This was a decision made by the Albertan government without forced intervention from the rest of the country. What I hope this shows is that even if equalization payments are justified (which as a libertarian, I do not think that they are) it does not follow that Alberta must be forced to make those payments. As the news has shown today, Alberta is willing to help out even when not forced to via federal legislation.

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